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Treat Everyday Like A Birthday Celebration!

We are all dying. Someday we will no longer be here on earth and our people will miss us greatly. Let’s start living and celebrating everything now! As one who has experienced my greatest loss so far, know that these sweet memories are what I cling to on the hard days.

Choosing to be grateful in the everyday!

I was thinking about everything people did to make my birthday, that whole week and the entire month a sweet celebration. As I am reflecting on this past April (2022) I wondered “why don’t we do some of these things more often? On normal, non-holiday days? Celebrating life no matter what the date on the calendar says!

I know we can’t eat birthday cake everyday.

Our waistlines couldn’t handle eating birthday cake everyday and the good news is that we can celebrate without the calories. I know our budgets are not unlimited so buying gifts everyday is not practical but we sure can be a gift to a friend, neighbor or family member. And, I know that we have to live our lives and there are many things that need to get done that keep us from stopping everyday to do lunch or have a party. But, can’t we do something similar to celebrate life daily?

Are We Celebrating Life or Just Surviving?
Life is short!

It’s not just that life is short and that people die suddenly that cause some of us to make celebrating life a priority. We suffer other unexpected losses as well. For example, friends walk out of our lives or betray us. We can lose our job any work day of the week. We aren’t guaranteed anything except death. And, eternity for those of us who know Jesus!

Reflecting a lot this past year!

I have given this a lot of thought since my tough-as-nails Marine went home to be with Jesus. These unexpected changes have been brutal reminders that everything can change in a blink of an eye. Loss on top of loss truly can happen even if we think it’s cruel or not fair. Life isn’t fair and people aren’t always kind. This is the reality of life.

We have to be intentional to combat this reality!

I remember that Bill and I were very intentional about living life in between a cancer diagnosis, chemo treatments, and trips to M.D. Anderson. I am so glad we did because neither of us knew that he would take his last breath on earth on Thursday, September 17, 2020.

We took road trips to see our people. I celebrated my 50th birthday on the island of Okinawa in 2019. Bill finished his bucket list to visit all the Major League Baseball stadiums. Bill even started a new goal while undergoing chemo and after being admitted into hospice care. I am so GR8TFUL that we did all of this and so much more. Honestly, nothing motivates like a terminal cancer diagnosis and a Marine determined to live life to the full here on earth.

Choosing to Be Grateful Everyday!

Here are my recommendations for treating everyday as one that is worthy of celebrating:

Don’t take your life, or anyone else’s life, for granted. Appreciate people and be intentional to reach out now. Remind people that you care about them and that they matter. This is a great way to make a positive impact on the world by way of impacting your sphere of influence.

Celebrate something or someone, or both, daily. Even in the smallest of ways. My motto for the longest time now has been, “Until further notice, celebrate everything!” A friend of mine even created a sign for me and I get to look at it every single day. Make the small stuff a BIG deal. Celebrate the BIG stuff even BIGGER.

Cultivate gratitude daily. This will change your perspective for sure. There is always, always, always something to be GR8TFUL for. Start writing down 3 things you are GR8TFUL for daily and see how “Gratitude Changes Everything”!

Ways to accomplish your intentional celebrating:

-Text or call people when you are prompted.

-Send out cards!

-Don’t wait for others to invite you - you do the inviting. Lunch out, coffee, a walk in a park.

-Don’t wait for permission. Or for the timing to be better. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

-Get creative and celebrate!!!

Bottom line: We are all dying. Someday we will no longer be here on earth and our people will miss us. Let’s really starting living and celebrating everything between now and then. We get to set the example by being the example! Celebrate everything and start today!!! Confetti and cake are optional.

Let's chat in the comments below and share one way you will celebrate life today!!!!

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