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Gr8tful for One+ Year on Happs!

I am so GR8TFUL that we got to do our last Happs Broadcast on Thankful Thursday - May 5, 2022. It was also National Day of Prayer and Cinco de Mayo. There is so much to be GR8TFUL for and so many reasons to celebrate.

Celebrate Everything

In addition to celebrating and reminiscing over the past 15 months on Happs I shared what I had learned from this experience and how focusing on the helpful memories assist us in transitioning in every season. Many of us experience unwanted changes and it can be hard to pivot and transition in cases like this. As I was preparing for my last broadcast on Happs (not last live broadcast ever, just on Happs, because they closed down) God revealed something to me.

God revealed that this concept of focusing on all the sweet things that have happened because of an experience, job or relationship can help us better transition out of those things - even if we didn’t want them to end or change. Just because something ends or changes doesn’t negate all the helpful and sweet things you experienced in it.

Have you found this to be true?

Here are a few things I shared on my broadcast. You can watch here, if you’d rather, or continue reading below:

Choose to transition well.
+Happs gave me the opportunity to broadcast with guests.

-I had wanted to broadcast with guests while I was doing lives on Periscope and that feature didn’t become available. Then Periscope closed down and Happs came along and I got to broadcast with a couple AWESOME people over these past 15 months. I did a broadcast with Ron Pratt, aka PapaBearAlaska, where we talked about Grub, Gratitude and Grief. It was not planned and I am so glad I said YES to the opportunity. I was also able to jump on Pastor Rick Costa’s (find him here) broadcasts a few times and chat about what God says about us in his “I Am Statements” segment and the verse of the day that he was reading.

-Probably my most favorite outcome of the guest broadcasting option was getting to co-host with Tasha Hart. We did a broadcast together for over a year and I am so GR8TFUL for the friendship that has blossomed out of this opportunity. Tasha is known as the Puzzle Lady, founder of Puzzled 2 Purpose. Check her out here for tips on finding your purpose and how your piece matters.

+I proved to myself that I can learn new technology. Technology is typically not my friend and it takes me a while to catch onto new things. When it comes to “new” I usually get overwhelmed and give up quickly. Technically I was forced to make a decision since Periscope was closing down and I didn’t believe I was being called out of broadcasting. This was an uncomfortable process for me and I don’t regret a single bit of the growth I have experienced because of it.
+I learned that I could pivot and do it well. This lesson has come in so handy over the last year in my personal life. Sometimes we aren’t given much notice when change is happening. Being able to pivot and then transition well is key to doing it successfully. Transitioning well is also helpful for our mental health.

My list was longer but this gives you a few ideas of how my Happs example can be used for everyday life. Focusing on what is or was helpful about a “thing” will assist us in staying in the healthy mindset even if the change is uncomfortable for us. For me, Happs closing is just really inconvenient and focusing on that aspect didn't help me. I can’t stop them from closing, just like you mostly likely can’t stop whatever change is happening in your life.

All we can control is our response to change. I am choosing to focus on all the sweet memories, the new people I know because of the app, and all that I learned. These new tools, in my proverbial tool box, have already helped me in this new season and I know they can do the same for you.

Proverbial Toolbox

Have you experienced a recent, unwanted change? How are you transitioning well? Any questions I can answer for you?

I'd love to get to know you better: Join me on any of my social media platforms and say hi on one of my posts that really resonates with you. If you want to get to know our Tribe or if you are in need of some inspiration join us on one of my Monday or Thursday broadcasts on Instagram or on our Facebook community page, Gr8tful Tribe: Doing Community Well, at 9:15 a.m. CST. And, you can stay connected through signing up for my newsletter (Coming Soon) below. God bless!

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