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Are you looking for fun and genuine ways to connect with others who make Christ, creativity, community connections and cultivating gratitude a priority in their life?


Cultivate is a community of Bible-believing followers of Jesus who want to foster and grow in the 4 Cs - Christ, Creativity, Community Connections and Cultivating Gratitude. My passion is to connect with other like-minded women and pursue God together, as a community, and make our faith, gratitude and “crafting our best life” a priority. I am looking forward to beginning this journey with you.


  • Do you want accountability as you pursue Christ in your everyday life?

  • Do you struggle with negative thoughts and want to learn to create a daily gratitude practice to overcome negativity?

  • Do you want to make creativity a priority as you craft and create your best life?

  • Do you want to connect with a community of like-minded women?


I believe that doing community well - connecting with others - should be our priority. God’s Word speaks to this often with Romans 12:4&5 being one example. We can cultivate connections by showing up and supporting one another in a fun group format.  In our Cultivate private, membership group you’ll receive inspiration, opportunities to engage on live broadcasts, you’ll be challenged through God’s Word and obtain motivation to work in your gratitude journal that you receive after registering for Cultivate.

let’s continue running the race God has set before us, together!!

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a note from Larissa

This dream of creating a fun place to cultivate community has been on my heart for many years and God has been sweet to sustain the dream even during my most difficult seasons. 


God started creating our Gr8tful Tribe before I knew what He was doing and I can go back and trace His hands on our small tribe that He has grown into this beautiful community. And, now, it’s time to come together more intimately as we pursue God and run the race He has set before us. 


Cultivate will be a positive, grace-filled space to collaborate, connect, and create all with Christ at the center. We will support each other as we pursue more of Christ through our personal time with Him and share with each other how we have seen God in the details.


We will encourage each other to remember that we were created to create and that can take many forms. And, Cultivate wouldn’t be complete without focusing on our gratitude practice daily.


Join us!

When you register as a new member of Cultivate you will be immediately plugged into our Cultivate community and you will receive a welcome email from me giving you all the details and what to expect! 


I love me some snail mail! So, you will also be receiving a super special gift box with something to wear, something to craft, something resourceful to use, and of course.. something sweet! 

enrollment is currently CLOSED

Be sure to follow me @Gr8tfulChick on Instagram for updates about the next open enrollment!

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