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This month our Project Gr8tful 3.0 Team is taking a Spring Break so we could bring you something new and stay on our timeline for April. This month's March Bundle is special because it is smaller and absolutely FREE! We included some of the favorites that we repeat each month like the truck, Samson, rolodex dates, and the monthly tab so you wouldn't miss out on those. We also included extra post-its for this month for layering or writing on and papers to match this kit. Enjoy!


The something new is our Basic Bundle - check it out here. We are offering the March Special Bundle for free so you wouldn’t bust your budget this month in case you want to purchase our new Basic Bundle.


Special note: You will notice that this month’s bundle does not include a devotion. Please take the time to go through a Lent study or continue reading your Bible and pressing into the Lord. There will be a devotion for April and for the rest of the year.


Enjoy the rich color’s in Janet’s designs (7th Day Designs) as you put together all of your Project Gr8tful 3.0 creations.


Special Bundle includes:


-3 pages of elements + paper

-a jpg. + a png. (Cut file)

-Terms of Use


Designs by Janet Carr of 7th Day Designs

For Personal Use Only

March '23 Special Bundle Project Gr8tful 3.0