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Day 20: Thankful Thursday

October 20, 2016
Thankful Thursday is my most favorite day of the week – especially now that I broadcast on Periscope at least 5 days a week.  It is so fun to come together with our GR8TFUL Tribe and do what we do best – glorify God and praise Him for every little and BIG thing He has recently done in our lives. Today was especially fun because of the Brian Tracy quote I shared and that it was Planting Roots’ 2nd birthday.  We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, sobriety dates and anything else worthy of mentioning every morning on the live broadcast as it is fun to celebrate special days together.  I started this habit back during my birthday month and the habit has stuck.  I got the idea from my sweet friend Elaine who celebrates her special day for the entire month of April.  I love that we share a birthday month together and that we are on this seriously fun journey as friends. Today I am GR8TFUL for: Everyone who is reading my blog and commenting during my 31 Day Series.  Thanks to my #1 commenter, Tara Ulrich, who can be found here as she write her own 31 Day Series – she is a blogger and a new author. Every single word of encouragement that so many of my Periscope viewers leave in the comment box daily. Pastor P (He can be found here) is such a bold voice for Christ in his broadcasts and he has been gifted to deliver God’s truth in such a great way.  He also Speaks Life into my heart, mind and ministry.  He is a true gift from God and several of his sweet peeps have joined us in the GR8TFUL Tribe as well. My friends, Becky, Carrie and Kiley who are seriously fun and made sure I “showed up” during one of Greg Harvey’s broadcasts even if I was already in my jammies for the night!!!! Getting to serve on the Planting Roots team and how this is an answer to prayer!!!! And as I always say, I could go on and on as God has been so sweet to me!!!! Who or what are you GR8TFUL for today?

Day 13: Thankful Thursday

October 13, 2016
I have created an AMAZING habit that I believe will stick with me as long as I can type or write!!!  Posting what I am GR8TFUL for every night, as my FB status, for over 3 years has been an amazing habit to create and continue way beyond Thursdays and Novembers. I started this habit in October of 2013, to gear up for November, and I am still at it 3 years later. Today I am feeling especially emotional and GR8TFUL!!!!  Emotional as I am kicking myself for not being more organized and ready for one of my most nearest and dearest friends to arrive tonight and I am suffering through a migraine.  But God………….. But God has been sweet all day – giving me just enough energy to do just enough around the house and sending me sweet messages of encouragement through unsuspecting friends via Facebook messages or texts.

“With all my heart I praise the Lord!  I will never forget how kind he has been.” Psalm 103:2

Today I am GR8TFUL for: My friend, Jeanne, who is here from Hawaii, and staying with us for one night.  We met when I lived on Oahu, with my Marine, and she will always be my favorite CAbi Consultant.  She is one of my smartest and coolest friends ever!!!  She has even agreed to get up early to do a short Periscope with me before she takes off tomorrow. My friend, Ginger Harrington, who has always cheered me on and who is a seriously fun friend.  She comes up with some of the coolest ministry ideas for us to try out and, if nothing else, we have fun laughing our way through it.  Though we do not live in the same state anymore, we still get to do ministry together as military wives via Planting Roots. My friend, Smart Chic Cynthia Bazin, who always gives me a shout out on her Periscope Broadcasts and has pushed me to be more Laser Focused. And one of my newest friends, Sherry Nowlin, who God uses to encourage me at just the right moment.  I have loved getting to know her and her husband, Scott, through Periscope and I look forward to meeting them both one day soon!! My GR8TFUL list could go on and on as God has been so good to me – not only today, but every day!!! Who or what are you GR8TFUL for right now?