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Day 20: Thankful Thursday

October 20, 2016
Thankful Thursday is my most favorite day of the week – especially now that I broadcast on Periscope at least 5 days a week.  It is so fun to come together with our GR8TFUL Tribe and do what we do best – glorify God and praise Him for every little and BIG thing He has recently done in our lives. Today was especially fun because of the Brian Tracy quote I shared and that it was Planting Roots’ 2nd birthday.  We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, sobriety dates and anything else worthy of mentioning every morning on the live broadcast as it is fun to celebrate special days together.  I started this habit back during my birthday month and the habit has stuck.  I got the idea from my sweet friend Elaine who celebrates her special day for the entire month of April.  I love that we share a birthday month together and that we are on this seriously fun journey as friends. Today I am GR8TFUL for: Everyone who is reading my blog and commenting during my 31 Day Series.  Thanks to my #1 commenter, Tara Ulrich, who can be found here as she write her own 31 Day Series – she is a blogger and a new author. Every single word of encouragement that so many of my Periscope viewers leave in the comment box daily. Pastor P (He can be found here) is such a bold voice for Christ in his broadcasts and he has been gifted to deliver God’s truth in such a great way.  He also Speaks Life into my heart, mind and ministry.  He is a true gift from God and several of his sweet peeps have joined us in the GR8TFUL Tribe as well. My friends, Becky, Carrie and Kiley who are seriously fun and made sure I “showed up” during one of Greg Harvey’s broadcasts even if I was already in my jammies for the night!!!! Getting to serve on the Planting Roots team and how this is an answer to prayer!!!! And as I always say, I could go on and on as God has been so sweet to me!!!! Who or what are you GR8TFUL for today?

Day 17: Don’t Spend Your Time Dwelling on Unhappy Things!

October 17, 2016
On today’s Periscope Broadcast (You can find me on the Smart Phone app @Gr8tfulChickRis) I shared this tip:

Don’t Dwell On Unhappy Things!

This tip was inspired by a great quote I have used before:

“Every moment you get is a gift. 

Spend it on things that matter! 

Don’t spend it by dwelling on unhappy things.”

 –Author Unknown                                  

This quote gives us the reality check we need sometimes – albeit a dramatic reality check.  There are so many people who would give anything to get another minute, moment or day with their loved one who is no longer with them here on earth, while we are complaining because our “peeps” didn’t clean up their room or they didn’t take out the trash!  I call this dwelling on the dippy dailies.  Those chores or things we have to do almost on a daily basis that can get cumbersome at times and cause us to be cranky.  However, how we deal with these everyday nuisances is key to seeing every moment as a gift!  I am not saying that kids should not be held accountable for doing chores or that spouses shouldn’t help out around the house.  The challenge I am talking about is to not dwell on the negative things that we seem to see more of on a daily basis than the positive stuff.  And we only see more of the negative because that is where we are focusing. We can also find ourselves grumpy at an acquaintance or friend for not returning a call or when someone doesn’t say hi to us at church.  Or, worse, when someone close really hurts us.  Whether it’s intentional or not, people will hurt us.  People will disappoint us.  It’s in how we react, or not react, that is important.  This is why Jesus is so BIG on grace.  He extends it to us and wants us to do the same for those in our sphere of influence.  We have to remember that we are all human.  We all have bad moments but that doesn’t make us bad people.  Or bad friends. Or bad spouses.  It just means, in our flesh, we make poor choices at times and others are affected by those poor choices. All this talk about showing grace, and not dwelling on the negative, reminds me of another great quote by one of my favorite Periscope Broadcasters (find him on Periscope @SrPedrog1) – we call him Pastor P.  He shared this quote on his personal Facebook page and I turned it into a meme: pastor-p-quote I would like to add that we should also not hold others hostage by their past or the past things they have done to us.   Please hear my heart – I am not talking about real abuses here.  I am talking about the dippy dailies that we can find ourselves dwelling on if we are not careful. In my broadcast I also shared this reminder in God’s Word:

“Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends.”

Proverbs 17:9

How are you spending your moments as gifts versus dwelling on unhappy things?

Day 3: Sometimes God Just Gives Us Our Dream!

October 4, 2016
I know that most dreams, goals and bucket list items require a lot of work and perseverance.  I have worked hard and accomplished things in all three of those categories.  However, I know my Heavenly Father loves to bless His kids with sweet gifts and today He did that for me. I knew I wanted a website for many years but I didn’t have the vision for what it would be for other than a platform to hold my blog.  I haven’t always been a real consistent blogger so a website seemed frivolous at best.  I also felt like God had put a ministry idea on my heart back when we lived in VA, as a Marine Corps family, but the vision was HUGE and I wasn’t praying and believing BIG back then.  Plus, my husband was still on active duty status and we moved every three years and the vision I had was the brick and mortar type. Fast forward 8 years later and today, God launched a website for our GR8TFUL Tribe to come together and do community well.  It’s not as if I did nothing towards this project.  I just didn’t pray.  Or fast. Or beg for it.  I didn’t put my desire on a goal poster and look at it every day for 8 years.  It was just a small dream, lost in the back of my mind, until we moved to Texas.  And, as all things go in Texas, my dreams slowly started growing BIGGER.  However, I still had not prayed about a website as much as my prayer was “God, make me a better communicator.”  I wasn’t praying for a big platform, a ministry or to write a book.  I just wanted to communicate my love for Jesus better.  I wanted to communicate in a way that would inspire and encourage others.  I wanted to be able to communicate my thoughts and feelings better.  And God delivered BIG time. my-periscope-bioIn the summer of 2015 God introduced me to Periscope and that is when everything started coming together.  God was teaching me to communicate better while encouraging others on a new phone app that Twitter bought 3 days after launching.  God gave me the idea of sharing a tip of the day and   I showed up faithfully day in and day out, imperfectly stumbling my way through until……. ……sometime in late April or early May of this year, 2016, when God brought a green-bearded Man of God into the GR8TFUL Tribe and it has been an adventure ever since.  God used him to deliver this year’s 31 Day Challenge Title and to create a BEAUTIFUL website for the GR8TFUL Tribe to call as our internet home.  Greg has been building websites for over 18 years and he was so excited to accept God’s call to create another venue for our GR8TFUL Tribe to connect. gregs-periscope-bioWe launched our website today, live on Greg’s Periscope Broadcast, and we had a blast.  We both did our part and worked our hineys off and now we have a collaboration that will always be a part of our history.  Check out the GR8TFUL Tribe here at