Day 24 Food, Fun and Fellowship!

Day 24 Food, Fun and Fellowship!

Those who have known me for more than a hot second know that I am super social.  To call me an extrovert would be a serious understatement for sure.  I just love doing community. I was created for this particular mission in life.  So much so that friends have said I have the “Gift of Girlfriend” and I get asked a lot of friend related questions.

When I wrote for 31 Days last year on the topic of “Doing Community Well” it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  Making friends and keeping them has just been a part of my DNA since I can remember.  I certainly don’t say that to brag because I know that I am just blessed.  And, I don’t say this to paint a perfect picture because my friendship journey has not always been an easy or fun one.  So to write about friendships was hard because making friends just comes naturally to me.  It was a fun series to write though and I learned a lot along the way.

In some of my bios I have actually written that I LOVE to “do lunch” – another understatement.  Actually, if I could eat out for every meal, or at least share 3 meals a day with others, I would.



Today was one of those sweet days that came together organically and I got to “do lunch” with 3 military wives that I originally met in Okinawa.  They have become a part of my Tribe.

My friend Kathleen is in town for a conference and we made plans to meet up.  Since she and I share several friends in common we quickly had 4 for lunch.

We tried a new place (Bakery Lorraine) for 3 out of 4 of us and the food was AMAZING!!!!  Food, fun and fellowship is a perfect trio for me.  Not only was lunch amazing, we had dessert first, and then “real” dessert after lunch.  These gals are seriously fun food friends!!!!

On Today’s Menu:



Pre-lunch was a homemade fruit-filled Pop Tart and a S’Mores Tart.  Both were so good but, if I had to choose, I would go for the S’mores Tart every time.



My lunch was the Quiche of the day with flaky crust and sun-dried tomatoes with a side salad.

And our “real” dessert was homemade ice-cream at Lick.  No picture of that – sorry!  I was busy enjoying every amazing bite.

Food, fun and fellowship.  Best recipe to build and maintain a Tribe!!!!

Did you find time to “meet up” with any of your Tribe today?


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