Day 23 A Friend Is a True Gift

Day 23 A Friend Is a True Gift

Have you ever received a homemade gift from a friend that was so precious that you make sure it is in sight on your desk or displayed somewhere prominently?  As a wife to a Marine, we moved a lot, so keeping track of anything was a huge undertaking – let alone a small, precious, handmade gift from my favorite neighbor, Lacey.


Lacey and I were neighbors for 3 years in Virginia and we have two key things in common – we both love Jesus and we both are married to Marines.  Her Marine had been retired for a while by the time we became friends but it was and still is so fun to have a sister-in-Christ who has gone before me as a Marine Corps spouse.

Another thing we had in common was that we both liked to be creative.  We learned to knit together and we started scrapbooking together every week.  Both of these activities gave us a chance to hang out together and get to know each other better.  We have many fond memories that I could share but we’ll save that for another blog post.


Lacey was a fabulous neighbor to have for so many reasons and the week we moved was a time where she showed up in both BIG and little ways.  She knew I was having a tough time with this particular move from Virginia back to California as we had made so many civilian friends and had grown deep roots in our local church.  So, in true Lacey fashion, she took time to create a small token to remind me of her and our time together that I could carry with me. This little booklet was and still is such a sweet source of comfort that not only reminds me of my faithful friend but also our FAITHFUL God.


In this booklet she hand wrote notes, as you can see, included pictures of us, and wrote out scriptures for me as well.  I think one of my most favorite parts about this booklet, and our story, is that we are still close today because Lacey has always been intentional in staying in touch.  She sends cards, written notes, e-mails, notes on Facebook and we have a monthly standing appointment to meet on Face Time to just chat about whatever is going on.  Lacey has been such a faithful friend indeed.

Have you received a precious gift like the one I received from Lacey?  What makes it so near and dear to you?


This is awesome!! And it has give me an idea to help soothe my son’s misery over leaving his current BFF when we PCS this summer! And you’ll love that it’s a crafty idea!! Glad I clicked over from Planting Root’s link up this morning! Blessings!


I love that you got an idea from this blog post. So fun when that happens. I pray it works well for your son – it’s never easy to say goodbye!! God bless Liz – love following you on the IG as well!!!!


I think that is my favorite thing about the military and our moves, though sometimes painful leaving friends or friends leaving me, they are forever etched on my heart. God always sent someone at just the right time. My friend, Kristen, and I met in Germany almost twenty years ago, and we still talk weekly. We’ve exchanged and given coffee cups/mugs to each other to remember to pray for each other as we sip our cuppa. I;m visiting you from Monday Minute Link up!


Love the habit that you and your friend Kristen created – so sweet!!! Gr8tful you hopped over from the Monday Minute!!!! I am the one who will be doing most of the commenting as the Planting Roots Team when you see us on your blog. That being said, I may have to join in on the conversation as myself sometimes as well. God bless Andy!!!!


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