Day 21 Serve With Joy

Day 21 Serve With Joy

I loved coming across this Mother Teresa quote today.  I love it because I was thinking about how blessed I am to get to serve in the capacity God has called me to serve.  He has stretched me!  It has been uncomfortable!  I have cried.  Laughed.  Cried some more.  I have gotten frustrated.  And, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am who I am because of all the different ways I have gotten to serve.  I have picked up stomped on water cups after the Marine Corps Marathon and actually loved doing it knowing that I helped a ton of runners accomplish their goal.  I have served with 5 year old kids and enjoyed hearing their sweet voices recite scripture – and I have even been corrected by a pastor’s child or too.  I have served behind bars and would do it all again despite the exhaustion, the tears, and the boldness I had to muster up to walk behind those scary fences every week.  I have gotten to speak to military women and actually got paid for it though I would have done it for free.  I have done silly skits in the name of Jesus and I even got to wear a cape as one of my characters.  I have mentored a teenager and a grown woman.  I have been told I have unofficially mentored a few more than that.  I have gotten paid to write and I have written a ton for free with not a single person reading some of my posts or only my mom commenting on most of them.  I have been the President or Director of boards and ministries and I have actually been fired from one of my positions and not asked to return after another commitment was fulfilled.  I have facilitated more studies than I can remember.  I have co-led a study; pulled Christmas lights off of several trees; and caught my pastor’s wife before she fell on me while we both stood foolishly on a ladder.  I have taken time off and just showed up for the occasional group volunteer activity.  I have volunteered in the rain.  Learned to drywall.  Served turkey to seniors on Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Pie to Marines overseas.  Currently I can be found blogging and sharing a Tip of The Day on Periscope as The C.I.O. (Chief Inspirational Officer) of the GR8TFUL Tribe.  And I will continue to do what God has called of me as I get to serve at the pleasure of my King.

I can’t say I loved every second of every volunteer moment but I am who I am because I served and I was happy to do it!!!

How have you served?  Have you been happy to do it?

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