Day 19: What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

Day 19: What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

I was inspired to write the list below after reading someone’s Facebook post.  Like many things I write, I save them, and tuck them away for another day.  I am so glad I came across this list of advice I would give to my younger self last night.  God has a habit of doing that with me.  I know I have created several of these lists over the years and it would be fun to find them all and combine them. This is not an exhausted list – just the first things that came to my mind one day.

What I would say to my younger self:

You are smarter and braver than you think!

Just because someone says it doesn’t make it true.

Your mom is fighting her own battle – don’t take it personally!

Being adopted is an AMAZING thing!

Your Heavenly Father loves you and that counts for a lot!

Dig into God’s Word and cling to His promises! 

Pray without ceasing!

Ignore the critics – stand tall and enjoy every second of high school!


Do not date that boy in high school – he is insecure and mean.

You and Kim will stay friends way beyond high school – embrace her and listen to her more!

Eat healthy and keep exercising!  Exercise for your heart health – not to be skinny!

What people say about you does not matter – what you think of you does.  Be confident!

Trust your gut and say “NO” more!  No is a complete sentence!


(Link to video by Mercy Me)

After reading the above thoughts, I shared my list as part of a Periscope Broadcast today.  One thing I love about reading this advice to my younger self is that it does not make me feel bad about myself or fill me with regret.  I am inspired that God has brought me so far.  He loves me so much that He did not leave me as the insecure, wounded, and lost teenager that I was back in high school.  And this list reminds me that God has been answering a long time prayer request that I have been praying and I am becoming the strong woman I had always dreamt I would be.

I highly recommend you see this as a helpful exercise and you do the same thing.  Create a list of things you would say to your younger self and save it!

If you would like, please leave a couple of the items you would put on your list in the comments below.  I would love to read them!!!


What a great idea! List to younger self! Here’s one I just thought of to me: “Some of those things you never finished, you weren’t supposed to finish!”
It’s OK! Larissa, you are amazing! May God bless all of your endeavors!


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