Day 9: Plan For a Life You’ll Love

Day 9: Plan For a Life You’ll Love

I love this quote by Jane Wild, creator of Jane’s Agenda.  I have had it written on this post-it note for a while and I haven’t “done” anything with it until now.

Have you ever thought of what sort of life you would plan if you were not afraid?  I think about it but I haven’t moved much passed the thinking phase.  It’s not like me to ask a question and not have my own answer let alone start a blog post knowing that I will not have a tidy ending.  Life just isn’t tidy is it?  Questions do go unanswered at times right?

I follow a gal on Instagram (@plannerperfect), Periscope and Facebook who talks about “scripting our lives” and it brings me back to Jane’s quote every time.  Jenny Penton, designer of Planner Perfect, talks about scripting our lives in place of creating to-do lists for everyday life.  She believes this practice breathes life into who we are verses the roles we play.  I love this idea but, again, I have not tried it myself.

How would you script your perfect day – or any day for that matter?  What sort of plans would you make for your life if you replaced fear with love and adventure?

Here’s my script (off the top of my head without overthinking it):  I would have energy to do both the things that I need to get done and to enjoy doing something creative every day.  I would take a nap every day because I would have the time and it is a sweet practice – not because I stayed up too late last night and I can’t make it through the day without one.  Or, I would skip a nap all together because I was so excited about what was next.  I would connect with a friend everyday over the phone; one friend in person; and I would send a minimum of one card a day to someone – just because.  I would get up early every day and go to bed early every night.  I would find my soulmate work out and do it at least 5 days a week.  I would spend at least an uninterrupted hour with God every day. Snuggle with both my bulldogs.  I would prepare a weekly meal plan and eat healthy every day.  I would only speak life over myself and others.  I would take time every day to dream and sit and listen for God.  And I think I would keep adding to this list if I didn’t have somewhere to be in an hour!!!

Now it’s your turn.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and read your “list” of how you would script your day!


Great post!
My perfect (to)day list:

1. Drink perfect cup of coffee whilst making (to)day list.
2. Go on a walk.
3. Learn something new.
4. Get my hands dirty.
5. Make something pretty or prettier.
6. Help someone.


Love your list Sandi!!!!! If coffee didn’t hate me I would start off with a perfect cup everyday as well! I love that you have “go on a walk” on your list – I walk on the treadmill everyday, as I listen to two of my favorite Periscope broadcasters, so that has become an automatic habit and I love it!


I often think of this and do nothing ever about it. I happen to be a “yes” person and fill my days with things that are very fulfilling but nothing selfish unless it’s a nap. I looooove my sleep!
My “dream day” would be to wake up with my kids,as I do already, and I love my periscope list of greats we listen to. Then start working out again(I did Crossfit for years then life hit and I ate every emotion and feeling I could). After that have all my wonderful meals planned out and then enjoy cleaning my very organized(cuz I would have already organized it in this fairy tail) and have dinner ready and enjoy family time.
I just love listening to you in the mornings!!


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