Day 8: Run Your Race

Day 8: Run Your Race

The hubs, my Marine, actually likes to run.  He is not fond of the training but he loves participating in races.  His goal, many years ago, was to run 26 marathons and he was well on his way before he was diagnosed with a leiomyosarcoma back in 2011.  The good news is after his first diagnosis he ran the Honolulu marathon 18 months after the surgery that removed his 4.5 lb tumor.  That would be his last marathon but it was a sweet milestone for so many reasons.


Fast forward to today, the cancer has returned, he has undergone 6 chemo treatments, he was admitted into the hospital on Aug. 29th with 3 blood clots and came home 3 days later with oxygen.  And, after all of that, he ran a 5 k this morning to raise awareness for the “I Am Second” movement.  His diagnosis has not stopped him from living and doing the things he loves to do.  And we have not stopped living and doing the things we love to do as a couple.  He runs and I cheer him on, along with everyone else in earshot!!!


We have always liked the “I Am Second” movement’s mission and once we met David Martin, we fell in love with it even more.  David is the Youth & Culture Strategist @IAmSecond ( and we had the pleasure of attending church with he and his beautiful wife for a brief time before God called them to Colorado.  Though it was hard for me to say goodbye, I have loved that God continues to bring them both back several times a year and we get to watch God move in and through them as we follow their journey on social media.


Today we got to do community with an amazing group of people.  God blessed us with beautiful weather.  We got to cheer so many people along their “race”.  We enjoyed seeing some of our favorite faces and we got to support an organization that is making a HUGE difference in this world.  I pray that you get opportunity to do the same as often as possible.  God is good.  He is > anything you are going through.  Get up!  Get out!  Continue to run your race with endurance and watch God move in ways you could never imagine!!!


I love that Bill is still running. What an inspiration! And he’s got a pretty great looking cheering squad.


Even though I am not a runner I can totally relate to wanting to do something so bad that you are willing to do it even if you don’t feel your best!!!! He had a BIGGER cheer squad last year but GR8TFUL that I had at least one willing participant to join me!!!!


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