Day 4: “My Very Own Breakthrough”

Day 4: “My Very Own Breakthrough”

This past weekend was our Womens’ Ministrys’ yearly conference and our theme was Breakthrough!  Y’all:  It was AMAZING!!!  I ABSOLUTELY love God’s timing.  He had been preparing me for months to hear Him and receive His message, loud and clear, through our speaker Alex Seeley.


I just found out that we recorded all three sessions of Alex speaking and you can go and listen for yourself through our church’s smartphone app.  Pick a time where you can sit, sip and soak and take good notes because God will do a download if you come with the expectation to hear from him.  I promise you that it will be worth your time.nineteen-ten-phone-app

I loved everything about this year’s theme.  BREAKTHROUGH is our Church’s Word for this year so I have been obsessed with it since January.  I have been praying for BREAKTHROUGH for myself; my husband; our local church body; the Church as a whole; and for anyone God puts on my heart.

And God surprised me and helped me breakthrough in an area I was struggling with – praying bold, impossible prayers.  My breakthrough came one night as Bill and I were praying together – as we do every night.  We started praying out loud, together, many years ago and it has made a world of difference in our marriage and our individual walks with Christ.  We take turns praying – I pray on odd numbered nights and Bill prays on even numbered nights.  It’s just a silly thing we chose to start doing a few years ago and it works for us.  This particular night was my turn and I was praying about our transition from hosting a life group in our home to moving it on our church campus, on a totally different night, and opening it up to new people just to “come and see” what being a part of a life group was going to be like.  I don’t typically do change well but that is a story for another time.  I was praying that God would bring forth fruit out of this transition.  Specifically, that there would be one new life group born out of this new adventure.  And right as the words were rolling off my tongue it dawned on me how little confidence I had in my BIG God to only ask for one group to spring out of our newly formed group.  God caught me right there and changed my prayer to a bolder one and one that only God could answer.

“God: Bring out at as many Life Group leaders and new Life Groups as you want.  I know you are an abundant God and you can do ANYTHING!!!  Lord, help me with my unbelief and grow my faith as we take this journey together. Amen”

And just like that I have become more empowered and bolder in my prayer life.  God had started working on me through the book I recommended in Day 2’s post (The Circle Maker) – if you haven’t read Day 2 please go back and read it.  And so I was primed and ready to receive His revelation both that night and the days working up to our first night of conference.

God griped me from Alex’s first words during the 1st session Friday night until the last 4 minutes of her 3rd Session on Saturday afternoon.   Those last 4 minutes may have been my very favorite though you have to listen to it all 3 sessions for the last 4 minutes to really seal the deal.  I know it was 4 minutes because she mentioned that she only had 4 minutes left before she had to end her teaching and hurry to catch a plane back home that same day.  She prayed over us during those last 4 minutes and I will never be the same.

I will continue sharing in my next couple of posts as God guides.  Do you need a breakthrough?  How can I pray for you?


I am still basking in what I heard this weekend! So thankful I could take the journey with you! How can I pray for you sweet friend?


Pray that I finish strong in both of the studies I am doing right now. Also, pray for wisdom and the right words for these last 26 days of this writing challenge. Pray for God’s provision on Periscope. And pray for me to get into a good routine where I can be productive and still leave room for God to do His thing!!! I know you are praying for Bill and I already so I know I don’t need to ask for that!!! Thanks for asking sweet friend!!!


God inspires through you. Keep going!!! The word, “Breakthrough,” made me think of Kelly Clarkson’s song, “Breakaway”: “I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly. I’ll do what it takes til I touch the sky. And I’ll take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway. . . Out of the darkness and into the light . . .” Sometimes, breaking away can lead to a BREAKTHROUGH. ?


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