Gr8tful Chick Ris

Welcome To The Gr8tful Tribe!

We are an international group of diverse people who found each other via the phone app, Periscope, and we have formed a bond through our daily interactions.

Our purpose is to encourage each other through a “Tip of The Day” or a sweet word from the Lord. We focus on what we are GR8TFUL for everyday as we continue moving forward on the path God has given us to walk. We may not all believe in the same God of the Heavens and Earth but we do believe in each other and that we can make the world a better place through gratitude – one day at a time; one interaction at a time; one live broadcast at a time.

Join us daily, at 9 a.m. CST, as our Chief Inspirational Officer, GR8TFUL Chick (Larissa) shares a tip of the day on Periscope – follow her @Gr8tfulChickRis.

These are a few of our favorite peeps!

Planting Roots

Planting Roots has a vision to impact military women with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for victorious living. In order to fulfill this vision, our goal is to build a community of military women to provide connection and a biblical foundation where we desire to challenge each other to find stability in Christ and to find His purpose for us in the places we are planted. Our foundation is in Scripture.

The TransforMission

The TransforMission

Partnering with fellow Christians to help you determine YOUR personal health goals, and achieve those goals at YOUR pace by providing you with the tools you need. We connect God’s Truth to what he wants for your health, and bring the latest information in nutrition & wellness research, along with encouragement and accountability. Faith and Fitness: Your transformation is my mission.

Greenbeard Tribe

The Greenbeard Tribe

World wide, every day ordinary men and women are having church and fellowship through our phones, tablets, & computers. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you look like, we all have one thing in common….our love for Jesus. Our goal in this tribe is to spread the love of the Lord world wide. Come as you are from wherever you are as we grow His Kingdom.

Crafty Destinations

Crafty Destinations

Our goal is to help you make connections and find inspiration that will take your creativity to a whole new place. Are you looking for new and unique venues to host your craft meet-ups? Are you looking for others, in your area, with the same crafty interests? Look no further. We are bringing creative together through meet-ups, conferences, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Get the “Tip of The Day”

I believe God put it on my heart to create the GR8TFUL Tribe so we would have a place to show the world how you “do community well”. Our goal is to make a positive difference in the world we live in every day. God started talking to me about “doing community well” over a year ago as I prepared to take on a 31 Day Writing Challenge that happens every October. As I wrote for this yearly challenge, for the second year in a row, God showed me that He had created a Tribe for me already and that was how the GR8TFUL Tribe was born. If you love to read blogs than here is my link to that 31 Day series from 2015.

The GR8TFUL Tribe is a diverse group of men and women. We are pastors, ministers, authors, parents, married, single, Life Coaches, entrepreneurs, graphic artists, dog-lovers, military families, people who love to eat vegetables, and people who prefer cupcakes over veggies. Some of us know and love Jesus. Some are searching. Some don’t believe. Some of us are struggling but we are struggling together. Our diversity makes us a fun crew but our similarities tie us together with one common goal – to be #WorldChangers. Every one of us is making our own individual mark in our sphere of influence and we come together to support each other in those efforts.

We love our community and we welcome anyone who wants to be positive and believes in our motto: “We are making a positive difference in the world one day at a time. One Periscope Broadcast at a time. One sweet encounter at a time.” There is always room at the table in the GR8TFUL Tribe. You can join us daily on the Periscope app, at 9 a.m. CST, by following @Gr8tfulChickRis to check us out and see if we are “your kind of peeps”. You don’t have to believe in my God to join us, you just have to be positive or at least willing to be working in that direction. There is enough noise and negativity in the world and our goal is to change the negative atmosphere into a positive one. We do this through focusing on gratitude – Thankful Thursdays are my very favorite day of the week because we share all the things and people we are GR8TFUL for. We are not a perfect group and we don’t expect you to be either.

To connect with us check us out on Periscope. Or on our community Page on Facebook called Gr8tful Tribe: Doing Community Well. Or sign up for our monthly newsletter where I will share some of my favorite Tips of the Week and news from our other Tribe members.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon! God bless, Larissa (Gr8tful Chick)